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The 'Fertility Blueprint Package'

Who is this for?

You may be at any stage of your fertility journey, and wanting to optimise your egg and sperm quality, as well as making sure that your health is as optimal as possible for conception and pregnancy.

Maybe you're trying to conceive naturally, or maybe you are considering IVF as an option but don't have a deadline yet.

This package really helps to set the foundations for optimal egg and sperm quality by allowing us time to work through your nutrition, lifestyle and environment, choosing any appropriate investigations as we go.

So if you're keen to get your body in the best possible place to get pregnant, without a huge time constraint, then this may be the package for you!



3 monthly payments of £395

What is included?

What do the sessions cover?

The Fertility Blueprint Package sets out to ensure that all foundational elements, providing support to egg and sperm health, are investigated and supported.

Nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, mindset, stress, toxic exposure all all areas that are covered throughout the package. Any areas that may benefit from further investigation will be fully discussed, and appropriate nutritional and supplemental recommendations will be made to both partners.

Regular accountability helps you to stay on track with any changes, also receiving support and guidance on how to put them in place.


The final word...

My 12-week 'Fertility Blueprint Package' helps set the foundations for increased egg and sperm quality so you can know that you're doing everything your body needs to achieve a healthy pregnancy, whilst avoiding overwhelm.

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