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My Services

I work with a variety of clients who are at very different stages of their fertility journey, with differing time constraints / pressures.


  • You may have the luxury of time on your hands, or you may not.

  • You may be close to the start of your fertility journey, or you may have an assisted treatment cycle fast approaching on the horizon.

  • You may be happy to spend longer focusing on getting your nutrition and lifestyle reined in before you actively try to conceive, or you may just need someone to tell you what to do NOW!


That's why I have different packages available to you, so that you can choose the approach you want, to maximise our time working together.



How do I work?

Fertility is a WHOLE body process, also involving lifestyle and environment. It only makes sense, therefore, to take the time to really understand what is going on in your situation that may be leading to your health issues and fertility struggles. And I'm talking about BOTH of you here! It takes two to tango, and although things may appear to be ok on the surface, it's good to take a deep dive to make sure nothing is being missed with your partner as well.

I feel the best way to do this is by working with both of you as a couple.

The time needed for an egg to fully mature, and for a new batch of sperm to be produced, is around 3 months.

This is why my packages are set for us to work together over an initial minimum period of 3 months. This also allows us the time to explore any avenues that need to be explored, and ensure that you have been supported as best as possible, in readiness for pregnancy and conceiving a healthy baby. 


Sessions are carried out online, unless specifically requested otherwise. Please see the different package options above.

Book in for a free call

If you're not sure which package may be the best for you, why not book in for a free call where we an discuss your options. Just click on the button below, or scan the QR code.

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