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More resources to help you improve your health and wellbeing

Make sure to bookmark this page, and keep checking back, as new helpful tools will be added.

Eat the rainbow

Eating an array of different coloured fruits and vegetables benefits your health, but sometimes it can be difficult to think of which ones to try.

Find your quick reference guide here.

Health benefits of veggies!

A quick summary of some of the wonders that veggies can do for you, and why it's important to have them as a part of our daily diet.

Healthy macro sources - carbs, proteins, fats

Healthy alternative suggestions for your carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Keep handy to help you when planning your meals.

Meal planning template

Planning out your meals for the week can save you so much time, and expense, as you'll find you're not heading to the supermarket every night buying stuff you don't need. You'll also be doing your bit for the planet by throwing away less!!

Food and symptom tracker

A simple tool to help you track what you're eating, and any symptoms you experience, in order to identify any patterns.

Simple grounding technique for anxiety

A very simple exercise to focus you back in the present when you are feeling anxious or worried.

Reflections and Revamps

Reflecting on the past year's positive memories and learnings can be really empowering. Revamping your thoughts for the year ahead, and how to 'grow', will further develop a positive mindset.

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