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Personalised 1:1 Nutritional Therapy

Fed up of constantly google searching to find answers? I've done the hard work for you, and am here to support, educate, and empower you to move forward.

Online Program

You may be planning to go through infertility treatment and are feeling like you've lost control over your body??

You may be at the start of your journey and wanting to understand how to optimise your chances of getting pregnant?

I'm here to tell you that you can take back some of that control, and make a positive difference to the quality of your eggs and sperm, regardless of your situation. 

Please meet my new 'Egg & Sperm Health Signature Program'.

A 6-week group program to take you through the foundational areas I cover with my 1:1 clients, but at a much lower cost!

Feel supported from someone who has multiple years experience looking at your eggs and sperm down a microscope, and can now guide you on how to improve their quality with nutrition and lifestyle.

Image by Ashraful Islam

DNA testing

Includes test and consultation

DNA testing may be recommended, as an additional test, for those who have a more complicated presentation or have been experiencing infertility, potentially for a much longer period of time. This may also benefit those who have unexplained infertility, or recurrent miscarriages. The DNA tests utilise nutrigenomics, looking at a variety of bodily systems, and helps to identify how your body responds to and metabolises varying nutrients; processes that can impact both male and female fertility. The different reports available cover many varied processes including detoxification, oestrogen, methylation, and the thyroid, to name a few. The most relevant to your situation would be fully discussed in advance.

The Lifecode Gx DNA test is carried out with only a cheek swab, and the results will never change because your DNA doesn't! After analysis, you will have a consultation, dedicated to explaining the results. During this session, personalised nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations will be discussed, based on your unique case.

Prices start from £399 (to include DNA test kit, one report, and a 30 minute consultation. Extra reports are £150 each).

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